As we continue to reintegrate our children in a sense of normality, we continue to value the importance of learning from home.

Following feedback from last term, we will be soon be opening familiar learning platforms that we know can be accessed from both home and school.

Initially, as we open our channels of communication further, all staff will be setting a piece of homework on a Friday with the expectation that it is submitted by the following Wednesday. This will start on Friday 25th September.  

As a staff we’re committed to ensuring that work is appropriately set, easy to follow and accessible for all. In return, we expect all children to begin to establish good routines that support them with completing homework each week.

As opposed to using Home Learning Books we will continue to use Showbie to share work between home and school.

Showbie is an online learning platform that is accessible via an app or the website. This will allow home learning to be shared with your child’s class teacher only. Alongside this letter you will be sent a class access code, via text, that will allow you to access an online learning platform. Initially our intention is to use Showbie to;

  • Access home learning and submit this to the class teacher each week
  • Share Rainbow Challenges that are set on the termly topic update- photographs are welcomed as opposed to bringing this into school.

Further details of how to access Showbie, can be found on our Home Learning page on the school website.

Class email addresses

We’re now ready to enter the new world of class emails!

Class emails have now been established for all year groups and new classes. This means that there is now a direct email that will be sent directly to your child’s class teacher. This is only to be used if this is essential, in the same way that communication would be made with the school office.

All email addresses have been set up using the Your child’s class name simply needs to be added to the front of this. For example if your chid is in Italy class the email will be If you’re unsure of your child’s class name these are also on the school website.

Well Being for all

At Abbots Green, we pride ourselves in knowing the ‘whole child’ as well as their academic abilities, whilst it would be our recommendation that homework is completed each week, every routine is very much dependent upon individual home situations.

Homework will only be marked from Wednesday onwards.

As a school we’re very keen to develop the relationship between home and school, especially during such challenging times.

As we open our online learning again it is important that as a school community we can therefore support one another by agreeing to the following:

As staff:

  • To upload home learning each Friday
  • To motivate and inspire learning at home
  • To respond to home learning and any rainbow challenge each week  
  • To respond to all emails as appropriate
  • To offer support and challenge with learning if appropriate
  • To understand that all children will be carrying out learning at different times

As parents

  • To support my child/ren with their learning as much as I possibly can
  • To establish a routine that provides a balance of learning and leisure time
  • To be patient in obtaining a response from school
  • To understand that a response from staff will not always be instant
  • To recognise that different teachers will reply to emails at different times and in different time frames
  • To share any concerns, questions or comments directly through the school to ensure that we’re striving to reach our potential every day.

As children

  • To ensure that you find time to complete school work each week as well as relaxing and having fun
  • To share your feelings and thoughts about anything at any time - it’s always better to talk things through
  • To try your best at all times

As our online learning commences, I would like to thank you for your support at home as we aspire to finding our new normal and more importantly ensure that children begin to thrive upon routine and reigniting a love of learning again.