Reconnecting across the Abbots Green Globe

Showbie Pro Plus

As we continue to strive to develop our remote learning each week, we have reached a new milestone in our approach to remote learning.

We now have the foundation of excellent engagement from home on our Showbie platform that both staff and parents feel confident with accessing. We also know from feedback, that the ability to pick up high quality recorded sessions at any time works for every household in different ways.

To develop maximum engagement even further, I am incredibly proud of the efforts that staff continue to go to in order to enhance this provision with new ways of learning such as quizzes, videos and even reading sessions for all.

The next step for our Abbots Green learners and staff is to take this to the next level!

Over the past few weeks, the word ‘live learning’ has many different meanings and is used very differently in different schools. Fundamentally, we know that our staff and pupils continue to miss interaction with each other. This week we will therefore be launching ‘live interaction sessions’. These will be highlighted on the weekly learning schedules using the rainbow themed logo above.

The objective of these sessions is to allow:

  • pupils to speak to one another
  • pupils to see and hear one another as well as their class teacher
  • pupils to enjoy being in a situation where they can engage with classroom activities

For this to be highly effective, safe and engaging for all, I am asking all parents to read the Code of Conduct which further outlines the expectations of these sessions.

If you do not wish your child to take part in live online learning sessions please email the school office and your child’s class by the end of today – Wednesday 3rd February 2021.

This week you will receive communication within your Showbie classroom to invite your child to their first live interaction session on either Thursday or Friday this week.

This session will be in a forum for children to find out about how interactive sessions will be led next week in smaller groups, to maximise interaction and not simply ‘tune in’.

Whilst initially pupils will have one live session this week and next, it remains our intention to continue to build upon this each week to ensure that our remote learning remains the very best that it can possibly be.